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  • Two compressor cascade refrigeration system specially designed for cryogenic applications

  • Wide available voltage range 198V-242V

  • Wide Temperature range: 10°C-32°C can reach -86°C

  • Accurate Temperature control technology to make the temperature maintain -60°C ~ -86°C and accuracy 0.1°C

  • Removable heat exchanger, almost all of the relevant components of the cooling components could be maintenance and replacement

  • Realize historical temperature curve query and download

  • independent witch standard USB Port, easy to download data

  • HC refrigeration system, energy saving 50%

  • VIP II Plus technology, Special narrow design for entering elevators


Capacity: 6000 Samples (2ml)

Liters: 838L

Interior Size (W*D*H): 894*718*1310mm

Exterior Size (W*D*H): 1179*1135*1994,5mm

Temp: -60 ~ -86°C

Realize historical temperature curve query and download

Independent switch, standard USB, easy to download data

HC refrigeration system, energy saving 50%

VIP II PLUS technology, special narrow design for entering elevators.

Touch-Screen Display


  • Build in backup battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm system for up to 72 hrs without AC power

  • Visual and audible alarm system: High/Low temperature, Power failure, Abnormal Voltage, sensor Error, Filter Screen check, Low battery, Condenser clean, High ambient temperature, Door ajar alarm

  • Power failure Protection: turn on delay of the cooling system when power failure, restart delay protection

  • Special Noise Reduction Design

Humanized Design

  • 4 Casters with Stopper for easy moving and fixation

  • Slandered 25mm test hole for easy connecting to temperature monitoring Systems

  • 2 Adjustable shelves for easy storing

  • Visual and audible alarm and all alarm can be through reserved for remote alarm port

  • Removable condenser front cover convenient for cleaning and maintenance

  • With the function of hand-written artboard, convenient for customers to record temporary information

  • With A4 paper slot function, convenient for customer management and equipment related information

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